oddment sculpture


Mad invention, re-invention, random chance, inspiration...objects tell stories.
 As a metal oddment artist,  I have been visiting auction houses, yard sales, surplus dealers, finding and gathering urban flotsam for about fifteen years, slowly building up a large “palette” of industrial fittings and generally odd “high tech junk”. I look for circular shapes and highly crafted components and often the pieces I come across dictate the direction of the sculpture. I get to be an artist,antique dealer, and pack rat
all in the same occupation.

  exhibitions and awards                                     

  2016    2017 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2016   2017 The New Art Festival Ottawa
              2015 Makers Fest Toronto            
2012 DARN IT! Mississauga Living Arts Centre
2011 - 1991 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2009 The A r t i s t ’s Project Toronto
2009 American Crafts Council, Baltimore
2007 Mary E Black Gallery, H a l i f a x
2006 Mad & Noisy Gallery, Creemore
2002 “Convergence” Tom Thompson Art Gallery, Owen Sound
2003 “Convergence” Tom Thompson Art Gallery. Owen Sound
1991 Ontario Crafts Council
1993 Ontario Crafts Council
2000 Ontario Crafts Council “Looking Forward”

Photography by K Maclean.