Oddbot workshops


Led by metal oddment artist K MacLean, this 2 hour workshop
will provide students with an introduction to found object sculpture.
Using an assortment of reclaimed hardware and other objects
they will create their own interpretation of a robot.

GRADE: 2 - 7 (age 7-12 and adult’s inner 7-12 yr old)

Students will be encouraged to see objects considered “junk”
as materials that can be reused in creative ways.
Repurposing and reimagining are emphasized.
Can be linked with teaching opportunities about recycling
or earth day.

All sculpture materials provided by artist. Paper and pencils for
ideas or story composition should also be made available.
 Students can take their creations home or opt to place them into a “recycle”
container for reuse..

Artist fees vary depending on size of group


Previous workshops

OACArtist Educators Course

Schools, Events , Libraries

  • Maker Fest                                        Toronto 2015
  • BMFA Gallery                                    Collingwood
  • Wasaga Beach Library                     Wasaga Beach
  • Cameron Public School                   Collingwood
  • Connaught Public School                Collingwood
  • Mountain View Public School         Collingwood

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